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In our facilities you do not have to worry about those huge and common problems because we have AUTO CLAVE which have a printer that reports every phase of the sterilization until its final cycle of sterilization, because in our clinic , we achive the highest level of excellence in hygiene and sterilization.


Which means that when the patient sits in our dental unit, we have been invest a generous economic amount in the hygiene and sterilization process so that you would not have any concern with being contaminated.


The levels of sterilization had been divided in three. the first one is the enzyme wash by ultrasound to hail and remove even the smallest particle or biological waste material. The second one: hygienically packed up the instruments which will open at the time of use. Third and last we have an autoclave type B, which is the one that guarantees the complete sterilization, so that you have peace, security and confidence that the instruments will be fully sterilized.


We take care of our patients, so you can have the confidence, tranquility and certainty that our tool would be 100% sterilize