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During your first visit

The receptionist will welcome you and guide you through the office visit to make you feel fully attended. When you arrive, you will fill out a form with your personal information and a brief general health questionnaire.


The reason for visit, your expectations and mouth radiographic series,are the three key elements of the first visit. From there, we can make a good diagnosis and treatment plan for solving the problems that you may be experiencing, in the most accurate and effective way.


At the end of your visit we will give you a treatment plan and personalized pricing and we will offer, if wanted, the dates of treatment to suit your needs.



To analyze, diagnose and solve esthetic problems predictably requires a systematic and organized approach. The color of the teeth is obviously essential in the final result, but aesthetic treatment planning should not focus only on improving the color. Our ultimate goal as clinicians is to achieve a pleasing composition in the smile to create a provision provided or proper relationship of the various aesthetic elements with the known principles.



Sterilization by autoclave, "Autoclave is the only method validated as capable of desactivate the infectivity associated with unconventional transmissible agents"



We have the latest technology and dental progress, and a significant investment in software upgrades and licenses for the use thereof.

Our comfortable spaces make your stay a pleasant experience of well-being.