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Aesthetic Dentistry:


To analyze, diagnose and solve esthetic problems predictably requires a systematic and organized approach. The color of the teeth is obviously essential in the final result, but aesthetic treatment planning should not focus only on improving the colorif, not also in the textures, shapes, sizes and correct proportions of all aesthetic elements..


Our ultimate goal as clinicians is to achieve a pleasing composition in the smile to create a provision provided or proper relationship of the various aesthetic elements with the known principles



The oral rehabilitation is the part of dentistry responsible to restore and return the aesthetic function and oral harmony, through prosthesis when lost, or loss of teeth.


The oral rehabilitation is a specialty within dentistry that combines in a comprehensive the areas such as fixed prosthesis, removable prosthesis, operative, periodontics, surgery, implants and orthodontics, which makes the diagnosis and treatment plan appropriate for the patient’s highly complex that is required to recover your oral health through modern techniques of rehabilitation, and at the same time established close relationship with other disciplines of dentistry.


Root Canal:

The Root Canal is an Odontology specialty that was first found long time ago, but it has been evolving so much over the years.


  • Why is a Root Canal needed?
  • When the dental nerves have been affected by an infection, cavities, etc (which use to be associated with pain and/or abscess) it is possible to keep the tooth by cleaning the diseased tissue and sealing the root canals to reconstruct the piece later, sometimes also motivated prosthetic and / or aesthetic.


  • Is the Root Canal painful? In every case, a treatment under local anesthesia would be conducted, therefore the treatment does not any cause pain. In some circumstances it can cause nuisance after the intervention, because of irritation on the surrounding tissues, therefore some soft analgesics are prescribed. 


  • Which care should I have later? After the Root Canal it is important to make a definitive reconstruction as soon as possible to prevent bacterial leakage. From that moment, you should no have any special care.



What is an Implant?

Dental implants are fixtures, as artificial roots, created to replace teeth missing or lost by any circumstance, whom are able to be integrated to the point where they will coexist in a healthy and natural way with the rest of the tissues of the mouth.


After placement into the maxillary or mandible, and after they are osseointegrated, helps to give support to the new artificial teeth will be attached to them.

General Odontology:

THE GENERAL ODONTOLOGY is performed from the first consultation, solves primary problems such as cavities, pain, teeth cleaning, emergency and then drift into the specialties and therefore address the patient’s needs.

General dentistry, offers all the necessary treatments to address alterations such as cavities or the gingivitis, caused by poor nutrition, inadequate hygiene habits or simply heredity.


Orthodontics: Dr. Jorge Gonzalez TreviƱo

What is orthodontics and its relevance

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry devoted to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of misaligned teeth and disharmony of the face.




At the oral health level, crowded teeth or not enough space location are difficult to sanitize and this situation usually leads to the formation of cavities, tooth loss or gum disease. At the aesthetics level, we all dream of owning a beauty teeth, addition of a harmonic facial shape that is responsible for orthodontics to achieve these objectives and have a nice smile.